New Developments!


Farm Diary

The farming year has been one of the better ones in terms of weather.

Lambing was good and the sunshine came just before we finished so lambs could be turned out straight away. Hay making and harvest came and went largely with good weather which stayed just long enough to carry out autumn cultivations and drilling of winter corn and stubble turnips.

The pig numbers have been increased to cope with demand from the butchery and our joint arrangement with George Stephenson's Red Poll beef herd at Aynho is working well and proving popular.

This year has provided a wonderful growing season and we look forward to more of the same in 2015!

Butchery News

September saw the introduction of our new Loyalty Card for customers. This is stamped and initialled each time £20 is spent at a Farmers' Market or in our butchery. The scheme is intended as a thank you to our large and growing number of customers for their continuing support and has proved very popular. A completed card becomes a voucher worth £10 for Meat Joint pork, beef or lamb products.

The scheme will run until 31st May, 2016 - so get your Loyalty Card now and start saving!

Meat Joint products

Our smaller pork pies, which we introduced earlier this year to complement our larger ones, are selling well as too are our Gourmet ready-to-cook range of meals which provide our customers with a choice of tasty pre-prepared dishes.

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